10 experiences you should try when traveling Sapa

10 experiences you should try when traveling Sapa

Sapa will bring you a very new experience. Itinerary to Sapa awaits you with exciting activities, including many things such as:

1 . Conquer the “roof of Indochina

Hoang Lien Son mountain range is 3,143m high, is the highest mountain in Vietnam as well as three Indochinese countries, Fasipan is the place where many climbers want to test their strength. The appropriate climbing time is from September to March next year. However, the most beautiful way to Fansipan is around the end of February, when mountain flowers begin to bloom, especially azalea flowers.

Try to come to experience, experience the feeling along with the passage through forest forest to cardamom, frightened people hear gibbons, also soulful with the crossing of steep slope. Fear is, but surely you will be very interesting because of the wide view of the vastness of the sky.

2. Visit one of the “four high mountain pass” of the Northern Vietnam

Dubbed to be one of the four highest peaks of the North West Pass, Ton Son is one of the longest, most dangerous and imposing passages in the mountainous region of North Vietnam. The road from Sapa to the peak of the pass, you will enjoy the field of rubber or terraced fields spread on the sides of the mountain, passing the majestic Silver Waterfall or enjoy the romantic soft waterfall dreaming.

O Quy Ho mountain peak in the middle of the mountain is also known as 2035m high heaven. At the peak of the pass at noon, when the sky is the greenest and not hidden by the fog, you will admire the wonders of nature with mountain ranges connected to each other endlessly. In the morning, you will feel like riding a cloud to the sky with strong winds like to lift visitors.

3. Go to Ham Rong mount for watching the sun

Climbing to the field of clouds watching at 1.850m (Ham Rong), visitors see the scene of the legendary Sa Pa valley hidden in clusters of white clouds floating in the wind. Then cross the meteoric forest vast, layers of stone knitting interwoven in all shapes, spoiled for the imagination drop into the picture.

Road to the sky in front of the face only see the vast blue sky, looking under the clouds. End of the sky 1, stop at the sky gate 2 high about 1.700m to see the dragon head clearly. The path is narrow, leading to the cave Tam Tam just one person to escape, the exit is a vast sky. The campsite has an orchard with three main types: peach, pear, plum.

4. Bathing medicine leaves of the Red Dao hill tribe in Ta Phin village

Each bath remedy usually consists of 12-14 people according to the secret of the Red Dao. Shower time for healthy people is 30 – 35 minutes. Cigarette smoking is the best way to bathe. When the hot water into it, the smell of oil blended with the drug will rise to form a characteristic fragrance and will subside for 2-3 days after tan.

Bath pills are used to cure many diseases. After a day of climbing tired, bath medicine will see the body relieved, refreshed spirit, health is restored. If you take a bath for so long, you may get drunk and sleepy. In this case, just rest or sleep for a while.

5. Enjoy the specialties

Sapa is famous for salmon, sturgeon, brook, armpit, cat apple, mushroom, chayote … Some are made into hot pot, others are grilled or fried. The temperature is always at 100C, the enjoyment of specialty food is smoke is a thing can not be ignored.

Feeling just inhaled because of the heat, and just brush off the cold will make you remember forever. The most famous dishes in Sapa are: Su su salty sesame salad, garlic and sauteed chicken with vegetables, salmon / sturgeon, grilled spring fish, roasted pork, mushrooms , …

6. Listen to the hymn in the stone church

Although not a Christian, you should try once to enter the stone church for a daily ceremony. Between the four forested mountains, standing inside the stone church feel stronger and safer than ever. When the hymn begins, you will find yourself in a completely different paradise, where there are only angels and joys.

In the afternoon, the church bell rings as a passing day, sitting in front of the church watching the sun go down over the mountain is something that you should not miss. Everything is very peaceful and extremely poetic in the cold seas of the Northwest.

7. Stay overnight at homestay

Homestay is coming at the home of the ethnic people in a family-like affinity. In Sapa, the homestay model is more attractive to tourists because of the rare faux-wood houses that rise in the middle of the mountains or in the tranquil setting of the romantic Muong Hoa valley and the vast greenery of Hoang Lien. are Ta Phin, Ta Van villages.

In addition to the village food that you enjoy, the host also organizes fire at night, performs fan dance, booth dance, blowing trumpet serve. You will be exploring cultural customs, socializing in the community life, bathing leaves, enjoy traditional food of indigenous people …

8. Watch the starry sky at 5am

Do you have enough patience and courage to wake up at 5 am just to watch? If you do, the reward for you is extremely worthwhile. Find a large space (like the yard before the church for example) at that time, when it does not fog, when the route has turned off the lights, the sky is just within reach.

The night is not cloudy, no fog is a rare wonderful time to see the star in Sapa. Picture: Trent Lane
Thousands of stars that you can raise your hand to pick up a handful. It would be great if there was someone with you at that time. If you are lucky, you will see a meteor, which is unlikely to be seen in the city.

9. Bath in the stream

It sounds crazy, but this experience is really not for those who can not stand the cold and have illnesses in person. The streams in Sapa are mostly shallow and the water is unstoppable, the water flowing down the mountain is filtered through different layers of rock, but very cold even at noon. You can find the Golden Stream at the Love Waterfall, or the streams located in Cat Cat, Ho Lake, Ta Phin village.

These streams (except Golden Stream) are deep in the villages, so tourists often do not have the patience to find, so there is no shadow people, if any, long-term sparse ethnic minority people. You can comfortably wade in the cool water with your close friends and leave yourself one of the unforgettable experiences.

10. Feel the cold of Sapa winter

Sapa in the winter can not describe. In 2013 there were two snowstorms that covered the whole of the small town. The temperature is only around 00C. Snow rains have attracted more tourists to visit Sapa and create unique tourist products to explore Sapa tropical snow.

However, the snow, salt frost, cold wind appeared long, continuous, causing great damage to Sapa farmers. The first day was still fun, the evening was cold and could not sleep, the next morning the hands and feet, slippery road driving is very dangerous. With the cold cut cut meat here, whoever has ever tasted will remember the whole life.