You Won’t Stop Admiring This Beautiful Photo Set of Y Ty Commune

You Won’t Stop Admiring This Beautiful Photo Set of Y Ty Commune

Every September and October, the Northwest highlands is bustled by tourists from all over the places. They come here to “hunt clouds” and enjoy the terraced fields in the ripen rice season. Besides Tu Le, Mu Cang Chai or Hoang Su Phi etc, Y Ty commune of Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province is also one of the most popular tourist attractions on this occasion. Find more info about this hub spot at Sapa Tours.

Recently, a new photo set of the ripen rice season in Y Ty has just appeared on social media and been praised for being so outstanding and stunning. So much so that after seeing the photos, many people still could not believe their own eyes and asked themselves: Are the clouds real or fake?

Y Ty is a commune located on mountains with the height about 2,000 m above sea level. Compared to other northwestern provinces, Y Ty has the earliest ripen rice season. However, it usually rains heavily in this season so the road will be quite slippery. Contacting the owner of this photo shoot, Hoai Anh (1989 – from Hanoi) said: “This is my first time in Y Ty, everyone often goes to Sapa and then come here but I have been to Sapa a lot so this time I went straightly from Hanoi to Y Ty. People planning to come here should pay attention because they are fixing the road so it’s not easy to run smoothly”.

Comparing to Sapa, the road to Y Ty is much more difficult, but the pristine beauty of the scenery here will make anyone want to come back again and again. According to Ms. Hoai Anh, this season is the best time to visit Y Ty, so the crowd is quite big. And of course people have to line up to take photos in hot spots.

Tip for those who want to have a nice picture in Y Ty is that you should try to wade in the middle of the rice field because there is no available path. But be careful because there are many cases when many people fall in the middle of that field just for a satisfactory photo.

If you are planning to go to Y Ty, quickly set the date and prepare your package, otherwise the farmers will harvest the rice and there is nothing left for the picture! Book your tour at our website right away at

Photo credit: Hoai Anh