3 Things You Need To Know Before Conquering Fansipan Mountain

3 Things You Need To Know Before Conquering Fansipan Mountain

The rooftop of Indochina is always a challenge for any tourist who loves to climb height. Before you prepare your backpack and hiking boots for this great journey, in which we recommend this Fansipan Climbing Sapa Tour, consider checking all the tips that we have gathered in the post below.

1/When to go

Your trekking time will be more pleasure if you plan the trip from October to December and from February to March. This is the time when you can avoid the heavy rain, which definitely makes your trekking a bit gloomy, and give you the clear view of the top of Fansipan Mountain as well as Sapa valley. The spring time from February to March also allows you a chance to witness all kind of exotic flowers blossoming beautifully.

2/Pick the suitable routes

Tram Ton: The most used route by tourists, can be completed in one or two days, with the distance between the beginning point and the summit is 11 km. Even though it is the most popular route, it is still physically demanding.

Sin Chai: This route is shorter with the distance from beginning to the end is about 9 km. However this path is treacherousĀ  and confused and often get tourists lose their way.

Cat Cat: The longest one, also the one with the best scenery. Might take you 3 or 4 days to complete since the distance from beginning to end is around 20 km but it is worth it.

3/Essential things for your trekking

-Good hiking/trekking shoes


-Hat, gloves, scarf for night time.


-Rain coat


-Toiletries, and towel

-Sunscreen and mosquito repellent

-Energy snack.

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